Fast and easy securities issue solutions for any asset, business or strategy

  • Major clearing systems (Euroclear, Clearstream, SIX-SIS).
  • Bloomberg visibility.
  • Distribution approval for select non-EU markets.
  • ~3 weeks to distribution.
  • Major exchange listing an added option.
  • Super competitive pricing.
  • Many creative configurations for non-standard assets.
  • Tax advantages provided by law.
  • Your own issue: no risk contamination from others.

Asset managers / venture capital firms / businesses raising capital:

  • Reach out to a wider circle of investors by offering them securities with global clearing instead of a private investment contract or an illiquid legal entity participation.

Family offices / private investors:

  • Have your illiquid investments packaged into marketable securities for ease of holding and disposal.


  • Open a channel for legally compliant fiat investments into your crypto project, token or strategy.
  • Receive the status of a regulation-compliant security (with ISIN) for the tokens you issue, and provide comfort to your investors.
  • Issue regular securities on blockchain (available in Switzerland and several other jurisdictions).