We know how to extract value out of special situations and legally distressed assets and are happy to assist in raising investment into such projects. We also provide access to litigation funding for various types of claims in select jurisdictions.

Our pre-litigation discovery and asset tracing capabilities are well developed and rely on a decades-tested global network.

We do not shy away from projects in developing countries and those involving opaque offshore structures.

Examples of claims:

  • Corporate disputes, business partner disputes.
  • Investment and commercial fraud.
  • Crime damage recovery.
  • Claims vs governments and sovereign entities.
  • Recovering maliciously blocked property.
  • Joint liability of principals in bankruptcy.

Distressed assets & other special scenarios:

  • Assets subject to title dispute.
  • Businesses with internal corporate conflict.
  • Companies struggling to recover misappropriated assets.
  • Companies litigating for the restoration of licenses or permits.