The LEGALANGEL project was launched by the firm’s partners in 2021 to provide high quality ‘legal acceleration’ to early-stage startups.

  • We will help you build the most investor-appealing legal infrastructure.
  • We will provide solutions to deal efficiently with regulation, such as financial services licensing, personal data processing, crypto bans or restrictions, restricted free speech, taxation etc. to ensure your emerging business is developing with ultimate efficiency. The world is global, and globally focused projects can easily pick the friendliest jurisdiction to develop. It is specifically a great opportunity for online businesses not tied to any bricks-and-mortar presence.
  • We will assist you in making your fundraising strategy as legally safe as possible. Our firm has a particular expertise in securities issues and raising capital from retail and professional investors. We have successfully supported crowdinvesting campaigns by early-stage companies and token issuers.
  • Our support should be of value to startup ventures originating from economies with high risk of corrupt takeover (‘raidering’) and extortion. We have dealt with such economies for over a quarter-century and know how to protect assets there.

The remuneration we seek for our involvement can be very flexible and include stock options or other future consideration; we recognize that early-stage companies are unlikely to be able to pay high street legal fees.